Art-Based Learning: Can Art Improve Learning of Medical Students?

Document Type : Letter to the Editor


1 MA student in clinical psychology, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Birjand Branch, Islamic Azad University, Birjand, Iran

2 Student Committee of Medical Education Development, Education Development Center, Birjand University of Medical Sciences, Birjand, Iran


The arts and humanities have been used more frequently in medical education over the last 30 years as a teaching modality. Arts-based teaching approaches have a significant impact on medical education. Today, the art and medical sciences have complimentary interactions with each other, as medical schools incorporate arts-based activities into their curricula. These techniques have a wide range of educational goals, from more practical applications like improving theoretical bases to encouraging contemplation on the nature of medicine and the experience of illness. However, there are many different methods to use art, from studying artworks in museums to having students create their own art.


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